Origins: Toriko

Classification: Human, Gourmet cell infused being

Threat level: God-

Physical strength: At least moon+ level striking, likely higher

Destructive capacity: At least moon+, likely higher

Durability: At least moon+, likely higher

Speed: Sub-relativistic+ (Was around mach 1000 several arcs ago, chars which are weaker than current Toriko have dodged lasers made from actual light particles, Tengu Buranchi several arcs ago could reach mach 30,000. Has gotten even far stronger since then previously mentioned.)

Intelligence: High. Toriko is overall very scientifically knowledgeable, intelligent and acute, also effectively a battle genius and experienced fighter.

Stamina: Very high. Is alert pretty much 24 hours a day which does not fatigue him in the slightest apparently and can go on fighting for extremely long indefinite periods of time. Even after consuming all the categories he has eaten his body can still go on by feeding on itself and gourmet cells can regenerate his body and somewhat replenish his vitality. Can continue fighting even with pieces of his body missing.

Standard equipment. Only a device to measure the capture/danger level of wild beasts.