Origins: Mahou Shoujo(Puella Magi) Madoka Magica

Classification: Human (former), Puella magi (magical girl, former), Goddess, Abstract

Threat level: Celestial

Physical strength: Inmeasurable, is a concept which forms part of reality

Destructive capacity: At least universe+ (one-shotted Gretchen, a witch which was born from energy capable of giving birth to a new universe according to Kyubei. Afterwards Madoka ascended further and became a concept/law which forms part of reality)

Durability: At least universe+ (likely higher, her "Law of Cycle" should be part of the entire Madoka Magica multiverse)

Speed: Should be hypersonic in a humanoid form as most Puella Magi, but speed is normally irrelevant for her since she is omnipresent, can likely also amp herself to be as fast as she needs

Intelligence: Average as a human and Puella Magi, but is nigh omniscient when she turned into part of reality

Stamina: Limitless. Shes a concept, she doesnt have stamina.

Standard equipment: None notable, she can however just create things if she needs to.