Origins:  JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable)

Classification: Human, Stand User

Threat level: Demon+

  • Josuke is a great threat in short range combat, but is much less effective out of short range

Physical strength: Josuke is high human, Crazy Diamond has city block level striking (overpowered a slightly rusty Jotaro and his Star Platinum)

Destructive capacity: Josuke is human level, Crazy Diamond is city block

Durability: Josuke is wall+, Crazy Diamond is city block+

Speed: Faster than light+ (Overwhelmed a slightly rusty Jotaro)

Intelligence: Very high. Although not the smartest of JJBA protagonists, he is a superb tactician with great analytical capacity, skilled and experienced fighter.

Stamina: High. Most characters in JJBA have shown to be capable of keeping themselves in combat even when receiving life threatening wounds. 

Standard equipment: None notable.

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