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Origins: Steel Ball Run (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - part 7)

Classification: Human, Stand user

Threat level: Tiger+

  • With Tusk Act-4 Johnny's offensive power far surpasses his threat level, however his overall stats are nowhere near such levels

Physical strength: High human for Johnny, Infinite for Tusk Act-4

Destructive capacity: Wall+, however Tusk Act-4's power is infinite and cross-dimensional

Durability: Superhuman

Speed: Superhuman+ reactions, nail shots are far faster, Tusk Act-4 nail shots reaching FTL speeds (gave trouble to "The World" which has been proven to be faster than light)

Intelligence: High. As all JJBA protagonists Johnny has shown to be very perceptive and considerably smart, effectively applying this in combat.

Stamina: High. Has taken several bullets directly and kept on fighting.

Standard equipment: His horse named "Slow Dancer" which is necessary to use his Tusk Act-4.