Origins: Bleach

555Ichigo's new look

Classification: Human hybrid, -partially- Hollow (corrupted spirit), -partially- Shinigami (soul reaper/demi god of death), -partially- Quincy (human derivant with manipulation of spiritual particles), -partially- Fullbringer (human derivant with Hollow derived abilities), Trascendental (higher dimensional spiritual being)

Threat level: Maoh-

Physical strength: At least island level striking

Destructive capacity: At least country (should be comparable to Kenpachi who destroyed a meteor which would've destroyed Seireitei)

Durability: At least island+ (Full Hollowfied Ichigo snuffed with his hand a Lanza del relampago, which would at least severely damage Las Noches, which is at least a country sized citadel (3 days walk across at least according to Nel's claims). This form is considerably weaker than current Ichigo)

Speed: Massively hypersonic (3 digits, at least mach 400+, his shunpo has augmented x14 times in relation to his casual shunpos previous speed which is easily mach 20+)

Intelligence: Above average. While not a genius, he was one of the smartest students in his high school and this without Ichigo actually showing any notable effort regarding studies. Also an experienced fighter with good sense.

Stamina: High. Can fight for hours non-stop, fought for a couple of months straight in his inner world although its uncertain if this would apply in the real world.

Standard equipment: Substitute shinigami representative badge, as a spiritual being he uses his zanpakuto (spiritual blade) which is currently dual swords, one large and one small (previously was a single abnormally large katana). Armor made from material identical to the Royal Guard's bones which is extremely durable. His robes in his bankai are part of his spiritual power

Noteworthy techniques and abilities

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