Origins: Berserk

Classification: Human swordsman, Branded one (offering to evil spirits)

Threat level: Tiger, Demon with Berserk armor

Physical strength: Building in base, large building with Berserker armor

Durability: Large building in base, Town with Berserker armor (took lightning strikes from Ganishka even in base, with Berserker armor can compete with high tier apostles)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Can react and dodge lightning given enough distance)

Intelligence: High. Despite his apparently brute and direct style it is shown that Guts constantly is thinking his way around the battle. With his talent and experience he has been able to overcome even masterful tacticians like Serpico in standings uneven against himself, thus proving Guts himself is indeed a battle genius.

Stamina: Very high. Basically inhuman due to his strong will, he fought an entire night over 100 adversaries despite already being wounded by arrows at the beggining of the fight and still managed to survive after beating them all. Took several lightning strikes from Ganishka after his body was already in a state not apt for fighting and still got up to trash talk against Zodd. Guts once described his situation of forcing his tattered body to move as "if I dont move we die" clearly showing his mentality regarding forcing his body beyond its limits.Berserker armor further amplifies his stamina as it permits Guts to ignore pain and it enters the body mashing itself with damaged body parts to sustain its user to keep on fighting.

Standard equipment: Mechanical hand equipped with an arm cannon, flechette with docens of arrows for use, multiple daggers, small bombs, Dragon Slayer (sword aproximately his height and width which was created on request as a sword capable of slaying dragons) and Berserker armor