Origins: Hunter x Hunter

Classification: Human hunter

Threat level: Tiger+ normally, Demon as nen contract ("Adult") Gon

Physical strength: Building level striking, Multi city block striking as "Adult" Gon (even a casual kick from him hurt Neferpitou whom is a high tier in his verse)

  • Note that this is without taking into account Jajanken, Jajanken will be referenced in desctructive capacity since its his most destructive technique

Destructive capacity: At least large building+, at least town+ as "Adult" Gon

Durability: At least large building+, at least town+ as "Adult" Gon

Speed: At least supersonic+ reactions in base, hypersonic with hypersonic+ reactions as "Adult" Gon

Intelligence: Gon can be quite thick to get through, however once he finds a way to do things he tends to excel in them. Regarding battle however he is incredibly gifted, rising the interest of various high tiers of his verse seeing his potential. He is of quick wits in combat with a decent amount of experience and is somewhat of a battle genius.

Stamina: High. Can easily fight for hours straight, likely for days.

Standard equipment: His fishing rod, backpack and hunters license. He's also thrown his boots in combat before.