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Hello, this is TDSA here with a new Top strongest animanga prots.

This video took me quite a while to do, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Furthermore, althought I cant say this is 100% accurate but I can say it is purely fact based, this video is factul based on the feats and stats known/shown about these characters, so please dont come in here acting like a rude know-it-all since I did my research and have been an anime/manga fan since over 6 years ago. However do feel free to ask anything, and I will respond in kind. For some of these guys I used there novel versions, like Layfon or Touma since theyre stronger there. Ill run down some quick general rules: -Everyone is assumed to start at there peak power, only exceptions are people like Adam Blade whos strongest forms are not there own power (Gash/Zatch does not have golden book since those are the others spells, but Shin Berunwa Bao Zakeruga is his own so it is taken into account) -Alucard is pre-Schrodinger, thus anyone capable of taking out his 3.4 million souls is considered capable of beating him -No Mechas, only exception is Zearth from Bokurano since he isnt exactly a mecha, hes also a sentient being from unconfirmed origins and the series has no real protagonist as its shifts each arc -This is a aproximately a measurement/comparison of stats, so morals are not taken into account, just there overall capacity to win -Touma Kamijo is taken as he normally is, not with IB released, he does not control IB and nor can he actually manifestate it willingly, it depends on IB itself, thus I am not taking it into account. IB released would easily be in the top 5 -As in any serious debate group (like OCW on Facebook) equalization (ki=chakra=reiatsu=etc.) and No Limits Fallacy apply (Example: DBZ chars have shown to be able to break out of assaults from telepaths that can contact people across galaxies and kill people on the other side of the planet with a thought, so they can reject hax of inferior beings than those)

I also have to thank my good friend Lewis Vickers for helping me in the image search so I could finish this video as soon as I could, and all of Omniversal Cross-Wars for what theyve represented to me in fictional Vs this last year.

Music: Savant - Overkill Sengoku Basara OST - Blaze (Crimson Lotus) Sengoku Basara OST - This is a fight to change the world The Luna Sequence - Sanctuary in dying light Hunter x Hunter OST - Phantom Troupe theme

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