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Hello everyone, starting the year fresh with this, my new TOP strongest animanga protagonists vid, a TOP 75, actually wanted to make it 80, but my memory on some chars is way too iffy so I held back on that. There is special criteria for certain characters due to there peculiar situation or abilities, here is the list:

-I do not rank mechas -The protagonist used for Terra Formars is the one from the first 6 chapters due to the current chapters not being translated yet -OnePunch-Man in the original story has failed to defeat a few characters with only one punch, so like all characters he is submitted to feats and scaling for his ranking -Kurono Kei is taken into account with standard equipment, such being his standard suit, a classic gantz gun and a Z gun (the 100 point weapon) -John Elegadine is treated as being able to access his "full" powers without Lu -Alucard is taken as when he fought vs Alexander w/Helena's nail, or young Walter, not Schrodinger Alucard and anyone that has the capacity to kill all the lives he owns is considered to be stronger than him -Since Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura from Sengoku Basara are co-protagonists and have nearly the exact same power, they are both ranked (in the same spot obviously) -The claims of lightspeed from KHR! are accepted which give Tsuna lightspeed reactions, however do note his actual battle speed is much lower as his reactions are due to his hyper intuition -Ueki is taken as he was at the end of his first serie -Ichigo is current, not as he was during his fight with Hogyoku Aizen -Medaka's hype about learning all the abilities shes seen or has had described is accepted, however anyone that can obliterate Medaka is considered to be able to beat her as the ability "Encounter" has not shown to be able to transfer such thing -The feats from Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman are accepted for Akira Fudou as the author authorized and participated in its creation -Planet busting claims from Yu Yu Hakusho are not accepted due to them being excessively outrageous in comparison to feats, however scaling based on the class system was done in order to rank Yusuke during the 3 kings saga -Zatch is counted with the powers granted by the golden book -Jotaro Kujo is ranked where he is due to the amount of damage he can inflict during a timestop -Nono does not posses the ability to use her DieBuster form as it requieres several beings which she can not use normally -In order to avoid dispute between canonicty, Goku is ranked according to his manga self, and his anime self as seperate (scaling used for GT mostly due to lacking feats) -Dark Schneider can summon DKL -Giorno Giovanna has GER -Tenchi Masaki does not have help from "Kami", but he still has multiverse lvl dura due to his LHW -Haruka Kaminogi's reaction time is uncertain, if its instant/infinite then she is the strongest protagonist in the ranking, if it isnt then shes like 6th

I use marginal scaling, simple calcs, feats and reasonable statements as basis for my rankings, not overly strict, but not lenient either to be fair. This took me a long time, sorry for the shitty quality but im not a great editor, my focus is on making the actual content of the list good and not the editing, all this being said, enjoy the list. NOTE: This TOP only ranks characters up to its production date obviously, February 1st of 2013

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