Origins: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic

Classification: Human, Magi

Threat level: Demon

Physical strength: Peak human

Destructive capacity: At least town+

Durability: Mountain+ (with barrier)

Speed: Supersonic+, Hypersonic+ reactions

Intelligence: Genius. Not only is Aladdin very perceptive and capable of complex spells and the equations required for them, but he has also been granted Solomon's Wisdom, which makes him nigh-omniscient in his verse and would make him overall extremely knowledgeable even in real life standards.

Stamina: Very high. His body receives a continuous supply of energy from the Rukh (natural order) and thus if administered properly he could keep fighting for considerably long periods of time.

Standard equipment: He used to carry a flute to summon Ugo in early series, but he no longer has it. He also has a magic staff and a magic carpet which he can use for flight.